Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, Interim Executive Director Dennis Moore recognizes the success of the 2022 Legislative Session, which provides Florida Guardian ad Litem the opportunity to represent every child who has been abused, neglected, or abandoned and in the dependency court proceedings through no fault of their own.

“I want to thank Governor DeSantis for his leadership and vision that all children in Florida grow up safe, healthy, and educated with the ability to thrive,” said Dennis Moore, Interim Executive Director of Guardian ad Litem. “During the 2022 Legislative Session, the Governor and the Florida Legislature provided access to the resources necessary for the Florida Guardian ad Litem Office to represent and advocate for every abused and neglected child in the dependency court system for the first time in Florida’s history.”

Highlights from the FY 2022-2023 budget:

 Legislative authority to spend $4.4 million of federal Title IV-E funding to represent abused, abandoned, and neglected children in the dependency court system. This will create 67.5 Full-Time Equivalent positions funded by federal dollars to represent 100% of Florida’s eligible abused, neglected, and abandoned children.

 $60,000 to train 20 Guardian ad Litem employees at the Florida State University Certified Public Manager program to enhance Guardian ad Litem volunteer retention.

About Florida Guardian ad Litem

The Florida Guardian ad Litem Office represents Florida’s abused, abandoned, and neglected children in the court and community. Through the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team that includes an attorney, a trained volunteer, and a certified child advocate manager, our team provides quality legal representation for children’s best interests while assisting the child in expressing their needs and wishes. Our unique approach allows us to support the whole child, addressing their physical, educational, mental, emotional, social, and legal needs.

Media Release: 7th Circuit Guardian ad Litem