Palm Coast – During the transition to the new residential collections contractor on June 1, 2023, residents may notice their recycling bins being collected by the outgoing contractor. As a result of final discussions with the outgoing contractor, all existing recycling bins provided by Waste Pro will be collected over the next few days. In the coming weeks, the new contractor will begin the process of replacing those retired recycling bins with new bins clearly marked with the City of Palm Coast logo. This replacement process will continue over the next several weeks.

Residents in need of a replacement recycling bin are encouraged to submit a case by visiting Once on the site, select “Create a Case” > “Trash” > “Recycling” > “Concern/Question.” The City of Palm Coast understands the importance of having a proper recycling bin and is dedicated to efficiently meeting the needs of residents. Residents may also call Customer Service at 386-986-2360 or email

During the implementation process, residents who may be awaiting a new recycling bin can utilize a container from home to hold recyclables. An example of a temporary recycling bin may be a plastic tub, a cardboard box, or a laundry basket. Please clearly mark the personal bins with the words “Recycle” in order to avoid confusion with regular garbage waste. Proper labeling will help the residential collections team effectively identify and collect recyclable materials.

Each residence is allowed 35 gallons of recycled materials each week, and the bins being delivered will hold 18 gallons of recyclables, which is the standard size. If residents are interested in a larger recycling bin, recycling containers are available for purchase at local hardware stores and supercenters.

City staff, in collaboration with FCC Environmental Services, is committed to ensuring a smooth transition and fulfilling all recycling bin requests as soon as possible. The City of Palm Coast sincerely appreciates the patience and understanding of all residents during this transition period.

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